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Overcome By Confessing: Blessings Are Chasing Me Down!

The bible says life and death is in the power of the tongue. So which one will you choose today: speak life or render death through your words? A particular affirmation that I choose to speak over myself and have encouraged others connected to me to confess is my blessings are chasing me down!

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Overcome By Setting An Intention to Strengthen Your Walk With God

In the latest episode of Wednesday’s with Whit, I shared with you the benefits of setting an intention to strengthen your walk with God. Practical tips and biblical strategies were discussed as a means to help you not only finish the year strong, but gain clarity as you overcome life’s obstacles and a deeper connection with our Father in Heaven.

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(Digital Pass Inside) Whit Devereaux Enterprises Presents: 1st Annual #NotByMyOwn Domestic Violence Survivor Celebration

Digital passes for the 1st Annual #NotByMyOwn Domestic Violence Survivor Celebration are available and come with an ebook copy of “Not By My Own” plus surprise bonus! To access your digital pass and bonuses, click HERE. Our 2nd Annual event is underway! Learn more at Check out our amazing recap video in this week's blog!

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