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Share Your Survivor Story

I could not let April pass without acknowledging every Survivor that I am connected to through the Overcoming & Becoming One with God blog. Whether you survived abuse, a poor diagnosis, mental instability, addiction or anything else that once had the best of you - I want to salute you. I want to celebrate you! In honor of April being Sexual Assault Awareness & Child Abuse Prevention Month, I am asking for Survivor Stories to feature on my blog. You can submit a video testimonial to for consideration, sharing how God transitioned you from a victim, to a survivor, to one that is now THRIVING!

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(Digital Pass Inside) Whit Devereaux Enterprises Presents: 1st Annual #NotByMyOwn Domestic Violence Survivor Celebration

Digital passes for the 1st Annual #NotByMyOwn Domestic Violence Survivor Celebration are available and come with an ebook copy of “Not By My Own” plus surprise bonus! To access your digital pass and bonuses, click HERE. Our 2nd Annual event is underway! Learn more at Check out our amazing recap video in this week's blog!

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Overcoming Denial: I Didn't Get Hit, Is That Still Abuse?

Were you like me and thought that abuse was only physical? Everyone around me could see the relationship was toxic, but me. Wasn't it normal to name call during an argument? I wasn't hit, but pushed does that still count? No and yes. No, name calling is not normal and is actually a form of verbal abuse. Yes, pushing, shoving, pulling hair, holding down against one's own will are all examples of physical abuse.

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