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Whit Devereaux is an Award Winning and Bestselling Author, Domestic Violence Survivor, and Empowerment Speaker. She is also an Advocate for families of children with special needs and domestic violence survivors. Whit holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Applied Behavioral Sciences where she studied human behavior and has many years of experience working in social services settings. Through her company, Whit Devereaux Enterprises, she founded Not By My Own Community; an online coaching program for survivors of domestic violence that helps women to rebuild their lives after abuse and thrive. Her desire is to inspire, educate and empower those who are in abusive relationships to be free and enter into a personal relationship with our Father in Heaven. As the mother of two, one of which she had as a teen mom, she enjoys taking family vacations, spending quality time with her daughters and showing them that with hard work, faith, and determination - nothing is impossible. Connect with her via email at info@whitdevereaux.com or via the contact form. 


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Not By My Own
By Whit Devereaux