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Overcome By Confessing: Blessings Are Chasing Me Down!

The bible says life and death is in the power of the tongue. So which one will you choose today: speak life or render death through your words? A particular affirmation that I choose to speak over myself and have encouraged others connected to me to confess is my blessings are chasing me down!

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Overcoming Limiting Beliefs + Special Announcement

In this one of a kind journal, Whit Devereaux provides scriptures to help you with overcoming life’s obstacles and becoming closer to God on your walk with Him. This journal is filled with scriptures that helped Whit to overcome the residue of abuse, depression, and shame and get her to a place of having more joy, peace, and freedom in her life. Most importantly there is a space for you to write your personal reflections over the next 30 days to achieve the same. If you need help overcoming any obstacle in your life, including yourself, then this is for you!

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