"This (Not By My Own) is a great story about having faith, resilience, and never giving up. The quotes are nice; the entire book is captivating in keeping you wanting to know what happens next. 5 thumbs up. It's a must read." - D.G. January, 2018

"It was a blessing that Ms. Devereaux was invited to speak with our parents of Dyett High School PAC during the month of February which to our surprise was Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. As a group we did not realize that our teens whom are 9th and 10th graders, could possibly be experiencing abusive relationships. Her session was honest and informative leaving our group empowered with knowledge that could save our teens. At the end of the session, our parents were left with the ability to have an open discussion with their teen regarding the warning sings of abuse as well as what to do if they found themselves in an abusive relationship. Finally, Ms. Devereaux taught us about text loveis to 22522, a number to share with our teens and others if they found themselves to be in trouble in an abusive situation. Thank you, Ms. Devereaux, for your knowledge and the 101 of Teen Dating Violence Awareness." - C.C. February 2018

"The presentation was very informative and engaging. The seminar shows that it is different forms of abuse. It allows you to understand the different signs that lead to abuse. It shows you how to cope with being abused." -K.W. April 2018

"Being a new author can be an overwhelming process; the journey JUST begins when the book is published (with all of the marketing that goes along with getting your message out there)...but I was blessed to be able to meet Whit. She provided me with suggestions, ideas, and opened my eyes to possibilities to make it a bit easier to navigate through the process. I plan on using her services more in the near future and would recommend her in heartbeat!" - K.M., April 2018

"I really enjoyed your Facebook Live (inside of Not By My Own Community). I just so LOVE HOW GOD is JUST USING YOU as a servant to help others & letting you WHIT BE GRRRREAT!!!! GOD BLESS YOUR SPIRIT!" S.H., July 2018

“I like the Not By My Own group because I receive informational shares on how to deal with those daily situations. The group reminds me that I AM NOT ALONE and how important it is to PROTECT my PEACE.” S. H., July 2018

“The information shared with us is sound and biblically based. It’s not something you and or we heard, it’s real life; first hand knowledge. I appreciate the support and love we get/give in this group. Our input is received and acknowledged. Thank you so much.” D.B., July 2018

“Good Morning Whit, I wanted to thank you and Yolanda so much for coming and sharing your testimony with our DV group. I cannot express what an impact the both of you had on the ladies. You both gave them so much inspiration and hope. I pray that God continues to expand your boarders using you both all the more to be a blessing to others. Have a blessed and wonderful day! Peace and Blessings,” J.W., July 2019