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Overcome By Setting An Intention to Strengthen Your Walk With God

In the latest episode of Wednesday’s with Whit, I shared with you the benefits of setting an intention to strengthen your walk with God. Practical tips and biblical strategies were discussed as a means to help you not only finish the year strong, but gain clarity as you overcome life’s obstacles and a deeper connection with our Father in Heaven.

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Healed From the Inside Out: Do These 4 Things For Emotional Healing

Recently within my exclusive membership community, Not By My Own Association, a participant asked "How do you handle emotional outbursts as it relates to emotional healing?" I believed that my answer to this question could help many, thus this blog post was created. Doing these four things will help you be healed from the inside out.

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Overcoming Denial: I Didn't Get Hit, Is That Still Abuse?

Were you like me and thought that abuse was only physical? Everyone around me could see the relationship was toxic, but me. Wasn't it normal to name call during an argument? I wasn't hit, but pushed does that still count? No and yes. No, name calling is not normal and is actually a form of verbal abuse. Yes, pushing, shoving, pulling hair, holding down against one's own will are all examples of physical abuse.

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