Overcome By Confessing: Blessings Are Chasing Me Down!

There is so much power behind what we confess, which is why it is vital to our overall wellbeing to speak positively even when we may not feel like it or see anything positive in the situation. I used to be extremely negative and that negativity was contagious. It wouldn’t be long before others listening to me complain would end up complaining too. I realized later that negative thinking and expression just made me feel worse and didn’t change my situation. If anything it added to my symptoms of depression. Choosing to focus on the good in my life became a part of my daily routine and actually attracted more good (things, people, etc.) into my life. The bible says life and death is in the power of the tongue. So which one will you choose today: speak life or render death through your words? A particular affirmation that I choose to speak over myself and have encouraged others connected to me to confess is my blessings are chasing me down!

There would be times where I’d be sitting minding my own business and after confessing that I’d get an email or a random call with someone on the other line saying, “God told me to bless you.” I’m not even exaggerating either! I went live back in October to share this testimony on my Facebook page and so many people were blessed by this declaration! People were reposting and declaring this over and over and sharing how God too was blessing them. Start declaring this today no matter the issue, problem, situation, you are facing today and continue to do so. Find scriptures in the Bible that talk about God’s promises and how he blessed his children. One particular scripture that comes to me in this moment is Roman 8:28, “For we know that all things work together for the good of the those who love him and are called according to his purpose.” Write it down in your journal, on some sticky notes, on a note pad, put it on your vision board or prayer box - whatever you need to do to remind yourself of this daily: blessings are chasing me down!

Do you have any affirmations that encourage you in every season? Share them in the comments below!

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