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The Victory Tour: Day 3 - Victorious: Overcoming the Stronghold of Abuse With Whit Devereaux

Yes, I was a victim of abuse on more than one occasion and by more than one person claiming to love me.

Now, I am a survivor who has committed her life to sharing about the redeeming power of God’s mercy and grace. Sounds good right, but HOW did I get here? I can honestly say that I didn’t get here on my own. God put people, resources, and a way of escape in my journey towards freedom and healing. It was up to me to accept them and for a while, I refused to.

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Overcoming Denial: I Didn't Get Hit, Is That Still Abuse?

Were you like me and thought that abuse was only physical? Everyone around me could see the relationship was toxic, but me. Wasn't it normal to name call during an argument? I wasn't hit, but pushed does that still count? No and yes. No, name calling is not normal and is actually a form of verbal abuse. Yes, pushing, shoving, pulling hair, holding down against one's own will are all examples of physical abuse.

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