To Those That Didn't Feel Protected: I Support You #notbymyown

This post is for every girl that grew into a woman never feeling supported even when you got the courage to speak your truth. I believe you. I support you. You are not alone. For over twenty years, I was you. My mouth was shut closed out of fear that I would destroy my family if I told my truth. I protected the predator. I made excuses for things that happened to me that were beyond the control of a five year old child. That was until one day I decided to take back the power and control that the abuse(r) had over me.

Recently I shared a video speaking out against a public figure who allegedly abused many underage girls. Would you believe that the same “supporter” who had reached out to me before telling me to keep speaking my truth had the gall to say “These women are lying. They just want fame.” The person then misquoted scripture saying that “God said money is the root of all evil.” Victim blaming is real. The enemy will try to use the word against you which is why you must know the word for yourself. God did not say that the root of all evil is money. In fact, it is written in the bible that the LOVE of money is the root of all evil. See 1 Timothy 6:10. The enemy will try to use your past against you which is why you must know who you are in Christ. The bible goes on to say in Revelation 12:11 that we overcome by the blood of the lamb (Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice) and by the words of our testimony (keep sharing Your truth). Don’t allow anyone to keep you silent any longer.

When I wrote Not By My Own, I didn’t quite know all that God would do with it, but God did. I simply wanted to share a story of overcoming abuse, teenage pregnancy, and depression. I wanted to share a love story that many could relate to. I wanted to share the purpose behind my pain. I wanted to educate people on the warning signs and the cycle of abuse in a non threatening, judgment free way. What I didn’t know is that God would use Not By My Own to help set the captive free. I didn’t know that He would use me as a mentor and create a safe haven for that woman seeking refuge, seeking a familiar face, seeking wholeness, seeking someone who would believe her. God knew. Not By My Own is biblically based on the scripture John 5:30 which says I can do nothing on my own…but by my Father who sent me. It has turned into a movement that is bigger than just the love story of Devereaux and Bryce.

If you can identify with any of this, then I invite you to join my safe, supportive inner circle inside of Not By My Own Community. Members are saying that they have learned to protect their peace daily and that they feel that they are acknowledged and supported on their journey inside of this coaching program. It makes my heart glad to know this because it took me years to learn by trial and error and now God has given me the ability to serve others in a way that brings Him the glory. It is my desire to educate, inspire, and empower women impacted by abuse and introduce them to the one true deliverer, Jesus. I can’t wait to coach you through this! #notbymyown