"Not By My Own is so beautifully and thoughtfully written.
It carefully explores the nuances of love, life and independence as a budding young woman for the very first time.
You immediately become invested in the lives of Devereaux and Bryce as they navigate young love nestled in the grips of anger, betrayal, mental illness, domestic violence and a lack of support.
I believe at some point in life most women have endured that one relationship where you needed to love the other person more than you needed them to love you. That soul tie, that Kryptonite relationship that seems so justifiably right but is so unjustifiably wrong in every way. They don’t all necessarily result in abuse in the physical sense, but often times you are suffer emotional, mental, verbal and financial abuse in some way, which is still abuse. The more off kilter they are the more honor you carry in your mind for continuing to be loyal and loving them through their pain even though they cause so much pain in their wake. Soul Ties, the beginning of the end.

I love how Whit Devereaux depicted each of the main characters in this novel, she gave them all a voice of love, loss, compassion and realness. The way she crafted each word it was nearly impossible to hate Bryce although he made unimaginably despicable decisions that caused so much devastation. There is an element of light and life in him that makes you understand why Dev felt like she couldn’t walk away at the first sign of trouble. It is often the very same “light” and “life” that our young women see in the men that they choose who end up abusing them into silence. It is very often the same “light” and “life” that our young women need that draws them to their abusers. They fail to realize that they already carry that light , but the dark angel of light desires to dim it before it can be recognized by its producer. It is time to stand for our girls and our boys who are soon to become our men and our women and help guide them to a path of life and not death.

More importantly it is time for us to be aware that we cannot simply love someone from a place of death and destruction, all we can do is love them to a path of life, and sometimes that has to be from a position of no position at all. No relationship at all, no contact at all. The God of all grace will, in time, will restore, establish and confirm them to full glory.

Not By My Own speaks to so many very real life situations, I am grateful to Whit Devereaux for authoring such a phenomenal work that I know will change the hearts and lives of many world wide!" C.D., 2017

"This book pulls at your heart strings and has you feeling every step of the way. Once I started reading, I couldn't put it down. Devereaux keeps you hooked through her attention to detail and a compelling story line. She also highlights domestic abuse and the struggles that come along with being in an abusive relationship. In our society, this is a major issue and Devereaux has shed her light on it. By the end, I was left feeling empowered from the book's strong messages and the ties back to the main character's faith. Not By My Own is an amazing reminder that He is always with you and He always has a plan." K.C., 2017

"This book is phenomenal. The book chronicles the timeline of tragedy to triumph, and it truly makes you evaluate what you perceive as "problems". The circumstances she endured throughout her life is unbelievable, and I can't imagine experiencing a fraction of what she went through. But it doesn't stop there. This book also illustrates that with God, all things are possible, including overcoming what may seem unbearable. From start to finish, this book will have you on the edge of your seat. You will laugh, you will cry, you will be entertained, but most of all, you will know what it means to conquer any problem that comes your away. And the answer is not by your own. #MUSTREAD" A.K., 2017

"Whit has many passions in her life. In her current role, she cares deeply about helping others and does so efficiently. She has had many years of various work experience providing service to others and has been able to take her past knowledge and skills and use them in a unique fashion. Whit is empathetic, resourceful and creative in her interventions with consumers of medical and behavioral health conditions. She has developed an internal network of supports and collaborates positively with external stakeholders in order to benefit the members she services. 

Whit has had to be creative and often has to quickly change interventions based on the member she is interacting with. She does this methodically and receives a positive response from the families she works with. Whit often goes above and beyond by doing diligent research and networking on behalf of her members.

Whit has a devotion to writing and using it to support her community. She has found ways to combine her passions and feels fulfilled by this. She is able to support others in many facets which makes her invaluable. If you offer Whit an opportunity to work for your company, you will be acquiring a driven, enthusiastic critical thinker with a strong will to succeed." J.Z., 2017