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Victim Blaming 101 + Support for Survivors

In light of recent events, I felt compelled to use Wednesday’s with Whit as a platform to speak against victim blaiming. I immediately received an inbox saying how much this person learned just from me sharing and they admitted being guilty of victim blaming in the past. They verbalized being a work in progress and this made me smile. Truth be told, we are all a work in progress and I appreciate knowing that my voice as a Domestic Violence Survivor made a difference, one life at a time. How are you using your voice? #notbymyown

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To Those That Didn't Feel Protected: I Support You #notbymyown

Recently I shared a video speaking out against a public figure who allegedly abused many underage girls. Would you believe that the same “supporter” who had reached out to me before telling me to keep speaking my truth had the gall to say “These women are lying. They just want fame.” The person then misquoted scripture saying that “God said money is the root of all evil.” Victim blaming is real.

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