What Do You Believe About Yourself: Overcoming the Lies You've Been Conditioned to Believe

Last night, after saying my prayers with my daughter, she got back out of bed and came to tell me that a girl said she really wasn't all that pretty. My baby girl is in 2nd grade. If you follow me on IG and Facebook, you may have seen my FBF picture of me in 2nd grade. My caption read, "I would tell the younger Whit not to believe the lies. You are beautiful. You are worthy. You are created in the image of our God." This was significant because it was in elementary school where I'd be told that I was ugly and teased because of my crooked smile and would struggle with low self-esteem for many years after that.

Fast forward to yesterday. Now I'm presented with the same issue, but this time I'm able to encourage and affirm my baby girl. My oldest daughter also affirmed her, but it was important for me to tell her now that it doesn't matter if she is told she's beautiful or otherwise. It only matters what she believes about herself.

So, I asked her what do you believe about yourself? I also asked why? At her age, when that happened to me, I called home and left school early, distraught by the lies of the enemy. I praised my daughter for not allowing what was said to stop her or shut her down like it did me. 

This happened to me and my baby girl, but what about you? What lies have you been conditioned to believe due to other's opinions of you or even your own negative self-talk? What do you believe about yourself and why? Listen HERE to hear more about what you can do to overcome the lies and affirm yourself with the word of God. 

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Not By My Own
By Whit Devereaux