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Overcoming Buyer's Remorse!

Hey there! If you are anything like me then you love a good sale! I used to have an issue with buying myself things. Something referred to as buyer's remorse. It's a real thing! I would buy, then take back before ever getting to enjoy what I had bought. It got so bad one time, that my friend told the Sales Rep, if they saw me come back in the store trying to return an item, to turn me away! Why did I have buyer's remorse? I honestly felt bad investing in myself. I thought, "Well that money could have been put to use elsewhere." The thing was all of my responsibilites had been taken care of: bills, children, etc., yet I still struggled with buying and not returning things for me. I can hear my mother's voice now saying, "Every payday do something for you. I don't care if you just buy yourself underwear, buy something for you." She warned that I may go on to regret not doing so because at that point, I was just living to work and pay bills. As a Domestic Violence once victim, now Survivor, I had to have a mindset shift that it was truly okay to do something for me. I had to learn that I was worthy of an investment (in myself).

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