September *Book Giveaway*

Happy September! This month I'm doing a giveaway on the anthology, "Unraveling the Layers Memoirs of a Wounded Soul." I had the pleasure of being a contributing author and sharing my story of overcoming abuse and generational curses. There are women from all over the world sharing their own stories in the form of poetry and short stories of dealing with rejection, PTSD, and many other life circumstances that by the grace of God they were able to overcome. The winner of this giveaway will get 1 free copy of the anthology & a unique free shipping code on their next order of "Not By My Own." For your convenience, you can view the giveaway on Instagram by clicking here & the rules are also copied below.

The rules to enter are simple:

1. Subscribe to my blog 
2. Follow me on Instagram @whitdevereaux
3. Tag a friend to this post.
4. Reply DONE to this post after completing steps 1-3.
5. Winner will be announced on this post on September 30th and in Instastories. 

P.S. If you participated in the August #notbymyown giveaway & didn't win, you will be automatically entered into this month's giveaway! For more information about my book(s), click here for Whit Devereaux Store.

Happy Reading! I look forward to connecting with you! Want to know what other readers think about "Not By My Own?" Check out these reviews on Amazon below including one from our last giveaway winner! 

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