Hope-in-Christ Podcast Reflections

This month I had the pleasure of speaking with Denise Walker, founder of Hope-in-Christ ministries. Throughout this exclusive interview we realized that we had more in common than we had originally thought. Denise and I were co-authors in the anthology, "Unraveling the Layers: Memoirs of a Wounded Soul." We talked candidly about topics that are often taboo or attached to stigma: child abuse, molestation, teenage pregnancy, and redemption. God's grace is enough to cover all of that and more. We are living witnesses to that! With April being Sexaul Assault Awareness and Child Abuse Prevention Month, it was important for us to unite in this way to not only spread information and education, but hope that despite what may have happened to you, the Lord has a way of working it all out for your good!

I was able to take her behind the scenes of the inspiration of "Not By My Own" as well as my new book release coming this Spring, "There's a Jewel in You, Volume 2." Most importantly we talked about how faithful God is to bring us through it all. No adversary and NO THING is too much for God to overcome. Click here to play this interview or download it below and let me know in the comments what part resonates with you and encourages you the most!

P.S. I will be relaunching my membership community soon as a means to better support you in your healing and recovery. Click here to join the waitlist to be notified once it's live. As a Domestic Violence Survivor, I am able to coach you through your process and provide a safe space for you to rebuild your life. I can't wait for you to join!