Warning Signs: Abusive or Abused?

It’s important to know the warning signs of abusive behavior to determine whether you are someone who is exhibiting this behavior or being abused. I’ve shared with you in previous blog posts and in my Award Winning Novel, Not By My Own, that in different times of my life I have been both abusive and abused. Watch to learn more about the warning signs and potentially save a life! If you are being abusive or abused, help is available to help you heal and recover and ultimately break the cycle of abuse.

This month, we have partnered with WINGS Program, Inc. for the 1st Annual #NotByMyOwn Domestic Violence Survivor Celebration. It takes place on October 27th and I invite you to be our special guest. A portion of the proceeds will benefit WINGS. To register or donate, visit notbymyown.eventbrite.com.