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Not By My Own is a woman’s remarkable story inspired by the Bible verse John 5:30, which starts with, “I can do nothing on my own.” Devereaux Sawyer is a young woman dealing with feelings of insecurity and worthlessness who finds herself in an abusive relationship that later leads to teenage pregnancy. As a child, she was sexually abused by a family member, and that abuse greatly affected how she viewed herself. Abuse was the very root of the insecurity that Devereaux struggled with; she would not identify this until later in life. Most of her adult life was spent trying desperately to get to the root of the problem through self-reflection, prayer, and some counseling. She discovered that she had buried painful memories of incest that loomed in her past. It was just too difficult to face on her own. Thank God she did not have to. Throughout this book, you will see the challenges Devereaux faces as she fights to become free from the bondage of abuse and generational curses.    

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"Through prayer, fellowship with other women who had overcome, wise counsel, and most importantly leaving the ones who hurt me I am healed."

⎯ whit devereaux

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Whit Devereaux

"Overcoming & Becoming One with God"

Whit Devereaux tells her journey in overcoming abuse and becoming one with God through her blogs. As a woman who once struggled with low self esteem, teenage pregnancy, and abuse at the hands of those who claimed to love her, she knows first hand what it takes to overcome it all. God still has a purpose beyond the pain and can use even you to show someone else that it can be done. Follow the Overcoming & Becoming One with God series as Whit Devereaux shares the steps she took to finally become whole and free! For added support join Not By My Own Community!



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